Sleeping Over

There’s a difference between sleeping together and sleeping together. Can these five friends figure it out?

When is it appropriate to spend the night with someone?

  1. When you are forced to share close quarters with a handsome groomsman at a family wedding?
  1. With your good friend and colleague, just for a cuddle?
  2. With a handsome almost-stranger who feels like destiny?
  3. With your best girlfriends to talk about A, B, and C, as long as the cocktails are flowing and there is plenty of junk food

Jess, Lilith, Beth, Anne and Robin can all agree on D, even if they don’t necessarily always agree on the rest. These thirtysomething girlfriends are trying to navigate work, men, life, and love with humor, intelligence, and most importantly, each other. Though each woman is different and on her own path of discovery, the strength they find in each other makes their individual journeys a little easier.

Take two of these and nudge me in the morning…

Jess has just returned from the Peace Corps and is sharing digs with pediatrician Harrison. Dealing with her return to Western civilization, her long-divorced parents dating each other again, and the feelings she is trying not to develop for the dashing doctor may just make her crazy. Then again, if he reciprocates….

Make a pass at me, I’m open…

Robin relishes her job as executive sous-chef in a trendy restaurant almost as much as she savors her friendship with its owner, Michael. But Robin knows she wants much more. So how do you make someone who knows you so well look at you with fresh eyes?

Water, water everywhere…

When artsy Lilith and boring boyfriend Martin realize that they have been getting more sleep than sex, they figure ‘seeing other people’ might be a good idea. But Lilith soon discovers that freedom isn’t all it is cracked up to be, and sometimes having more choices can be a nightmare.

Sisters are doing it for themselves…

Beth and Anne are more than sisters, they are best friends and business partners in a fledgling retail store. Beth seems to be in the middle of a boyfriend time warp, as ‘blasts from the past’ keep popping up, sometimes at the most inconvenient moments. Anne’s dreams seem to be coming true as she dives into her first relationship in far too long, but supportive new guy Chris is encouraging her to follow her other secret dream, returning to school. But how to tell Beth?

SLEEPING OVER examines relationships both romantic and platonic (and platonic wanting to be romantic), and looks at the various configurations of what it means to spend the night together.

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Reprinted from SLEEPING OVER by Stacey Ballis Copyright © 2005 by Stacey Ballis.

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