Inappropriate Men

Sidney Stein has come undone, but who’s going to pick up the pieces?

After eight years, the passion has evaporated from Sidney Stein’s marriage. Her husband seems disinterested and Sidney, always flirtatious, begins to turn her attentions elsewhere. But surely,Sidney could’ve chosen more wisely than a man more than 20 years her senior? Wait—it gets worse. He’s also married. And here’s the coup de grâce—he’s a partner in her father’s law firm.

One would think that Sidney couldn’t make a worse choice—but perhaps that’s what makes it all seem so right.

In INAPPROPRIATE MEN Stacey Ballis takes a wry, witty and sometimes intimate look at a married woman who has a good eye for choosing the wrong guy.

Relationships are like sharks; they have to keep moving or they die. What we have here is a dead shark.”—Woody Allen

As far as her marriage is concerned, Sidney Stein has been going through motions for years. She and her husband, Mark, have not had sex in a year and a half—he seems to have no interest and she is no longer physically attracted to him. They’re more like good friends than anything else. Perhaps he wasn’t the right guy to marry, after all. But where does that leave Sidney right now—with all this pent-up sexual energy and no one to lavish it on?

They never leave their wives.

Enter Geoffrey Fahl. Very much older, very much married and very much a partner in her father’s law firm. What starts as a little innocent flirting—older men appreciate the attention more than young studs, even from a plus-size beauty like Sidney—soon develops into a full-fledged affair. However, while Sidney’s marriage is on its last legs, Geoffrey—as he told Sidney from the very beginning—has no intention of leaving his wife. Initially thrilled by her romantic triangle,Sidney soon begins to resent all the time and attention that the neglectful Mrs. Fahl (undeservedly) receives from her husband.

An embarrassment of riches or a wealth of embarrassment?

Rather than carry on in a fruitless relationship, the newly separated Sidney decides to do something she hasn’t tried in over 14 years—dating. Now there are more guys to choose from than ever before. But for a woman who needs no help in breaking the Ten Commandments or the Seven Deadly Sins, does that only mean more bad choices?

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Reprinted from INAPPROPRIATE MEN by Stacey Ballis Copyright © 2004 by Stacey Ballis.

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